We grew up making rockets. Not off-the-shelf, super glued, puny little hobby rockets. Two hundred gram, and then four hundred gram, and then two kilogram rocket engines, cooked up on a hot plate in the snow. Nozzles cast in coals. Frozen lakes for our test-ranges. 

We had to stop for obvious reasons, but it gave us a love for pushing into the unknown. 

There are many great and ordinary engineering firms in our area, and the world. There are fewer that push what is possible, like it's their job. 

We wanted to be that kind of company for our clients, young engineers, and ourselves. We're chasing the sunrise, wheeling out prototypes with the paint still wet, getting ready for the countdown. 

If you want to go faster, build lighter, revolutionize your industry, or create a whole new one, let us help you.


We grew up wanting to be the best. Chasing the top grades in the class, winning on the racecourse, having all the answers. 

We were lucky to find incredibly smart people out there who took us in as freshly minted engineering graduates. They showed us the ropes, and helped us structure our dreams. 

Building great things requires aspiration, but also realism -- on the drawing board, and in the boardroom. 

We honed our commercial savvy, our marketing cachet, and our management savoir-faire to be able to achieve whatever goals we set, for ourselves, and for our clients. 

It means when you bring us in to solve a problem, launch a product, or win a race, we get the whole package right, and most importantly, you get the right result.

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